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With decades of experience sourcing solutions from Europe and the Globe KDI medical acts as a facilitator and service provider of Covid-19 solutions to both individual clients and corporate.

KDI Medical currently supplies:
PCR & Antibody tests plus diverse range of other tests. Such as well man and well woman (from clinically approved laboratories)
On site clinicians, and other medical professionals who can come to your business.
A diverse range of PPE to suit all needs and budgets.
Specialist medical equipment including cutting edge ventilators, disinfection units and foggers.

" I run a farm and we needed to test
our workers when they arrived for the picking season.
Now with regular testing we can work and know we can do so safely. "

- David A from Essex

" Being ready to receive our school boarders and give
parents the comfort their children are not at risk from others
working KDI gave us the confidence to open, we are now ready. "

- Karen Surrey
PCR Testing looks for the presence of the COVID-19 virus on a sample specimen, it is very accurate and will be able to confirm whether anyone is actively infected with the virus.
Accredited and accurate this COVID-19 PCR test is 99.8%accurate with the correct sample taking technique. Fully GMP compliant and accredited laboratories delivering consistency, reliability, and traceability.
Travel restrictions are changing every day during the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. Many countries now require a clean COVID 19 test in order to enter through customs and immigration.
Results are emailed to your registered email address usually within 24 - 36 hours of the lab receiving the sample. Each result will be issued on a pdf certificate of analysis.
Elderly or people with certain underlying medical conditions are at increased risk for severe illness from the virus that causes COVID-19.

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