About Us

KDI Medical ( UK ) is a member company of an international group of companies fighting COVID-19 in the United Kingdom, Spain , Italy and the UAE.

KDI Medical are the UK representatives and sole distributors for the Italian PCR kit manufacturers DERMOAROMA www.dermoaroma.com. As well as supplying Dermoaroma kits, KDI also have a network of laboratories in the UK, for home testing of Covid-19, sexual health testing, sourcing of equipment including PPE and ventilators.

We have partnered with multiple accredited laboratories in the UK, we use the same laboratories to provide state of the art testing for our clients, whilst acting as facilitators and service provider to individuals and corporate alike. KDI have sourced many products that help businesses continue in the light of the recent COVID pandemic.

KDI have representatives in every continent across the globe to provide complete solutions to our clients. With expert consultants in all fields of business we can provide health care solutions to hospitality, retail, construction, education, corporate, offshore oil and gas, venues and entertainment.